Astronomy | Why study an astronomy degree at Glamorgan?

Glamorgan’s BSc (Hons) Observational Astronomy degree has practical astronomy and communication at its core, something that sets it apart from astronomy degrees at other Universities.

For the practical modules, students have access to the Faulkes Telescope Project, which is based at the University, and can view the solar system through the robotic 2-metre telescopes based in Hawaii and Australia. We visit nearby dark sky locations, such as the Brecon Beacons, using a variety of small telescopes. And there are several field courses in years one and three to Europe and further afield.

An astronomy degree develops strong and marketable skills

As a Glamorgan astronomy student, you can engage with ongoing science projects which is exciting and great for the CV. We’ve had sixth form students discovering asteroids, so there is no reason why you can’t be working on some basic research programmes within months of starting your studies.

What’s more, as you progress through the astronomy degree, you will start to plan and manage your own research programmes. Potentially, you could be coordinating observers from the UK and further afield, and gathering and analysing data on a range of projects.

An astronomy degree with employability at its core

Because of the practical content of our astronomy degree, many of our graduates pursue careers in teaching, science communication, such as museums and science centres, or in media and journalism. But you will be able to follow any career path where employers value project management, communication, problem-solving and numeracy skills.